Light Wave's New Build service works directly with client, contractor, architect, and sub contractors to develop clients dream home. 

From the very start of the project to the very end of the project, Light Wave is there design sourcing and managing. We act as the eyes and ears for the clients that live off island. This assures that the client that they will receive their fully designed custom dream home to their standards. 

Light Wave works directly with the builders by providing floor plans, elevations, specification books, and 3D renderings. What ever is needed to get the job done Light Wave will be there to assist and provide. 

Each project will be quoted according to the size of the home. Clients can choose to work by a hourly rate basis or by a flat fee. Call or email for a quote today! 


$130.00 per hr.


Depends on the size of home* REQUEST FOR QUOTE

LIGHT WAVE designs

Kailua Kona, HI 96740 

Tel 530.227.5978 

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